I am a driven person, one that has a great deal of passion and determination, but also one that doesn't quit when things get tough. I followed each of my childhood dreams, graduating from university with a degree that really did give me that Indiana Jones status, and then became a freelance writer shortly after.

I started writing for others in 2011 when I was still in school, creating The Control Room for gaming news and reviews - even going so far as to start securing deals with EA and Curse before we closed down (due to us deciding to focus on our studies).

That didn't stop me though, and I started freelance writing professionally in 2016. Due to the combination of my skills and motivation, I have worked for some incredible people and companies, expanding my portfolio and giving me new levels of confidence. I am the perfect writer for you, and for your company, so feel free to drop me a line anytime.

How Dogs Can Help with Mental Health – Mind Boosting Benefits of Dog Ownership

"Most of all, when your confidence is at its lowest, when you feel battered – by life, death and (especially) other humans – a dog will shove her nose in your hand and tell you, with conviction and feeling, what a really good person you are." – Julie Myerson Sometimes, the ways in which a dog can help your mental health is the same for one condition as it is the other, and other times they vary. Regardless, it is never nice to have to read through blocks of text, anxiously searching for your con

Surfer Content Editor Review from SEO Copywriter Perspective

Before I came across the content editor tool, I knew of Surfer. A lot of friends and customers use them for all of their SEO needs, but this was something I never fully understood. The world of SEO is not always an easy one to understand, and when you are busy writing content all day there isn’t necessarily time to really research those target keywords. So, when the opportunity came for me to try out this tool and see what it would be able to do for my work, you can bet that I took the opportuni

4 SEO Tools for Data Driven Content Writing: Comparison

Editor’s note: We are hoping this comparison column will come in handy for all the content creators out there, though we must stress this article shows the author's opinion we might or might not agree with. What makes great content great? Usually the overall quality. Usually it’s value to the reader. Usually its uniqueness. But content with those characteristics is not great, unless it’s seen by people. Their opinion makes the content great. And one of the best ways to make sure they have an o

Devise a strategy for your creative business in 4 steps •

Getting your business started and off the ground can be a tough task, but it’s certainly not impossible. Creative businesses are not much different to regular ones when it comes to getting your name out there – it’s all down to exposure. What creative companies have over other businesses, however, is the fact that they can do more to get recognised and really get their business off the ground. Here is a guide on how to devise a strategy to do just that, so that you can apply it to your creative

Top 5 ways to market your new app •

Once you have created your app, you face the challenge of getting the word out and encouraging people to download or purchase it. It can be a tough market considering the number of apps available, but that certainly doesn’t make it impossible for you to make your mark. Not every marketing method is free, but the vast majority of them are – and they’re effective. This quick guide will take you through five of the best ways to market a new app, as well as showing you a few others to keep up your

Freelance or agency employment: what's the best creative career choice? •

When it comes to creative work, the decision to strike out alone or join an agency can be a difficult one. After all, they both have reasonable and very real disadvantages alongside the excellent benefits that they are offering. Working for an agency can give you excellent structure for your daily work schedule, but at the same time there is nothing quite like being your own boss and calling all the shots. With a rise in the number of people taking up creative careers it’s a good time to asses

:: Rock, Metal, Indie, Progressive, Grunge, Punk

The Cult are one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. Formed in Bradford in 1983, this British band used to go by the name Death Cult (which related to the name of Ian Astbury’s former band, Southern Death Cult). However, they changed the name in 1984 to a simpler name, and one with less preconceptions, and that’s how the Cult was officially formed. They released their first album, Dreamtime, in 1984, and it was a massive success at home in the UK. For a new band, they were ahead of thems

:: Rock, Metal, Indie, Progressive, Grunge, Punk

Formed in 2008, Imagine Dragons is a Las Vegas rock band that consists of Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee, and Daniel Platzman. Since they first hit the stage, they have been collecting awards like it’s going out of fashion, and they remain incredibly popular with their fans. Their latest album, Evolve, was released in 2016, and while it retains much of what makes Imagine Dragons who they are, you can’t help but wonder if they are starting to become stale. The reason for this is that the

:: Rock, Metal, Indie, Progressive, Grunge, Punk

This Finnish band, hailing from Helsinki, have themselves in quite a unique musical niche for their country. Vampire rock is not particularly common there, nor really across the rest of the world, but they are heavily seasoned with a good dose of gothic rock. One of the best at what they do, there is a reason that this group are multi-platinum selling and still touring the world since their formation in 1989. Their 2009 album, Back in Blood, helped them to further creep across the sea and into t

The History of the Storage Unit - by Self-Storage Experts

Thousands of people use self-storage, whether it’s for keeping your clutter away from the house, storing business items, or simply to assist when it comes to moving house. A question that is often asked is “how did the idea of a storage unit come about?” In this article, we are going to look at just that, with an interesting trip through the history of the storage unit – from its early beginnings to its modern day success. Since the prehistoric era people have found ingenious ways to store thei

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